Annual reports are published in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.  2019-2020 Treasurer Reports and Annual Reports are available to Financial members in good standing by request in writing to  Provided within 30 days from request. 


Monthly chapter meetings are recorded, transcribed and entered into the permanent chapter archive. Transcribed minutes are available upon written request. Financial members in good standing of the Greater Atlanta Chapter may  request a copy of the minutes or agenda in writing by letter  or email to Provided within 30 days from request. 


The constitution establishes the guiding principles and precedents by which the local chapter shall be governed. The Greater Atlanta Chapter maintains a local constitution in accordance with the national constitution.  


The policy and procedures manual serves as the procedural guide for implementing all tasks and functions of the chapter as authorized by the chapter constitution and bylaws. 

Documents and Download

Chapter Minutes

Present: David Linton, Linda Boyd, Eric McLean, Theresa Cartwright, Linda Jenkins, Jeff Lloyd, Frank Bradley, Gale Thomas, Jimmy Thomas, Amarylis Grogan, Paul and May Benitez and Brenda Davenport. Pat Lewis, Joe Jackson participated via call-in.

The meeting was called to order at 4:15pm by VP David Linton. Regrets for President Joe Jackson absence. Opening prayer was given by David Linton. The minutes from the December meeting were read. Corrections were made, and after a motion was made by Gale Thomas and second by Amarylis Grogan to accept the minutes as corrected, the minutes were accepted as corrected.

The treasurer’s report was presented. The balance on hand is $2,568.87. A report of funds collected through fund raising gave a balance of $1,727.00 a correction was made regarding fundraising funds received from a member and how it was listed on the report which was a continuance from the December minutes. Jimmy Thomas made a motion to accept the treasure’s report as corrected, it was second by Paul Benitez and the motion passed.

Membership report was given by Eric McLean. Events for the chapter information: The United Negro College Fund will have their leadership conference in Atlanta Feb. 7-10, 2019 at the Marriott Marquis. The Atlanta HBCU Alumni Mixer will be held at the Gathering Spot January 25-26 9:00pm to 12: pm.

Fundraising report was also given by Eric McLean. Discussion was held regarding the responsibility of liability of the weekend package. After much discussion it was put in motion by Gale Thomas and second by Brenda Davenport that the chapter accept the responsible for up to $1,000.00 for the Valentine weekend raffle. The motion moved with a vote of Yes with 7 votes and No with 5 votes. Eric to get the voucher from the hotel for confirmation of the package details.

It was agreed that is a fundraiser is approved by the majority of those voting, the activity should be supported and executed.

Gale Thomas collected student gift cards for a total of 11 and gave the names of the donated and how many per donated to the Treasurer. Announcement for the confirmed Shaw Day at Union Missionary Baptist Church would be April 27 – 28.

Opening on Saturday with a mixer and climaxing Sunday church services. The chapter has received confirmation that Dr. Dillard and Marilyn Richards will be in attendance.

Nominations Committee Chairperson Jimmy Thomas reported the elections of the officers starting February 2, 2019 meeting results as follow:

  • Chapter President: Eric McLean
  • Vice President: Ed Randolph
  • Treasurer: Theresa Cartwright
  • Secretary: Linda Jenkins
  • Chaplin: Linda Boyd 

There was a vote to change the meeting time from 4:00 pm to 10:00 am on the first Saturday of the month. It was motion by Eric McLean and second by Theresa Cartwright. The motion was passed. A motion to adjourn was made, second, and passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30pm.

Present: Eric McLean, Jimmy Thomas, Gale Thomas, Paul Benitez, Brenda Davenport, Pat Lewis, Linda Jenkins, meeting held via conference call.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by President Eric McLean. Opening prayer was given by Jimmy Thomas. Corrections were made from the January chapter meeting minutes with attendees to include Linda Jenkins, Amarylis Gorgan, Jeffery Moore and via call-in, Joe Jackson.
  • Corrections to the treasurer’s report to show a balance of $800.00 operating funds and $1,727 fundraiser with total balance $2,568.87.
  • Corrections were also made to correct a typo with spelling of Eric McLean’s name with the motion to change the time of the meeting from 4:00 pm to 10:00 am.
  • Corrections were made and minutes accepted by executive committee.

The Bi-Laws committee reported by Gale Thomas, the committee will meet organize, develop and will report back in March. Jimmy stated the constitution and By-Laws committee will have a strike thru format for March meeting Gale also reported for the Membership Committee, will report on total gift cards for students at chapter meeting.

The Technology Committee was reported by Paul Benitez, Paul discussed the possibility of looking into other providers that the chapter could use for payment for dues etc. without occurring the 2% charge that we are currently paying through pay pal. Will report next meeting on findings.

The Hospitality committee reported by Pat Lewis, Pat stated that the committee wants to keep abreast of celebrations, condolences, and birthdays. Eric ask the committee to create a roster to include birthdays for members.

The Fundraiser committee reported by Brenda Davenport, Brenda express that the fundraiser committee create a signature event that could be the chapters main fundraiser. Eric wants fundraiser suggestions and planning to be up and running by July 1st. Discussion on the floor concerning fundraiser monies, and how they are delegated to operating funds and scholarship funds, will revisit discussion no resolution.

New Business
Eric wants each committee to focus on Reasonable, Measurable, obtainable goals. All committee heads are asked to discuss the Goals of the President in their perspective meetings.

Signup sheets will be available for the February meeting for committee workers. Members are asked to be financial, Gale will have a list of financial members and will report in the February meeting.

February meeting will include past President to do a summary.

Closing prayer given by Gale Thomas, Meeting adjourn 8:12 pm 

Present:  Eric McLean, Jimmy Thomas, Gale Thomas, May Benitez, Brenda Davenport, Linda Jenkins, Billy Adams, Stanley Sellers, Jeff Moore, Regina Deloach, Renita Deloach, Theresa Cartwright, Darrell Fields, Mitch Gibbs, Debbie London, Jennifer Wooden, Mona Mabry (Raleigh -Wake) Jeff Manning (New York) Pat Lewis via conference call.

The meeting was called to order at 10:23 am by President Eric McLean. Opening prayer was given by Jimmy Thomas.   The January minutes were read and a motion made to accept minutes.   There was a question on the floor, asked by Jimmy Thomas if we received the voucher for the fundraiser.   Eric McClean responded yes and the motion made by Jimmy Thomas to accept the minutes with the answer to the question being correct. The motion was second by Gale Thomas to accept the minutes as read.

The President open the meeting with a warm greeting asking each member to introduce themselves to the chapter and to express what Shaw University means to them.  The President also stated his Goals and Visions will be shared through email  

There will be a friends and family greeting held by Darnell Fields at Andretti’s.  will Share through email at a later date.

The Bi-Laws committee reported by Gale Thomas, the committee will meet organize, develop and will report back in March.  Members Jimmy Thomas, Pat Lewis, Gale Thomas, Mitch Gibbs, Ed. Randolph

Hospitality committee reported by Pat Lewis, Pat stated that the hospitality purpose is to encourage, fellowship and inform the chapter of member’s needs, prayers, celebratory moments and provide that Shaw University Bear love.  Ms. Nathena McDaniel is requesting prayer, the committee would like to wish all persons born in the month of February Happy Birthday.  The committee is also requesting the chapter consider a budget for the hospitality

The Fundraiser committee reported by Brenda Davenport; Brenda express that the fundraiser committee create a signature event that could be the chapters main fundraiser.  Brenda is also looking for clarity on what contributions the chapter will make to the University, Brenda also wanted to know if we are receiving donations from Kroger, and lastly, she is seeking members to her committee.  Stanley Sellers as to postpone the drawing for Valentines to by one day.  Pat suggested a random person pull name.  The drawing took place at the pizza Bar on February 3, 2019 at 4:00 pm.

The Membership committee reported by Gale Thomas; the membership committee is seeking new members. The committee is in the process of updating the roster, Gale stated the committee would like to know why alumni do not come to the meetings and what can we do to change their status to active.  The committee collected 12 gift cards for $25 each for our local students for Valentines day.  We currently have 33 students from the Greater Atlanta area attending Shaw University.   Refreshment sheets are also circulating, Gale made a recommendation that the treasure buy the paper products for the refreshments.

The Treasures report was given by Theresa Cartwright.  The balance on hand is $2561.78. A report of funds collected with 2 members paying dues, gave a balance of $2628.87.  Theresa ask for monies be paid before or after the meetings for dues or fundraiser.  Eric stated that we are wasting money with PayPal, Theresa will get with Paul with other options.  A motion was made to accept the treasures report by Gale Thomas and second by Jeff Lloyd and the motion passed.

Closing prayer given by Jimmy Thomas, Meeting adjourn 12:05 pm.

Present:  Ed Randolph, Linda Jenkins, Kevin McQuay, Paul Benitez, Paulette Collier-Harris, Theresa Cartwright, Amaryllis Grogan, Gale Thomas, Linda Boyd, Marilyn Roach.

The meeting was called to order at 10:07 am by Vice President Ed Randolph.  Opening prayer was given by Ed Randolph.  The February minutes were read and a motion made to accept the minutes with corrections to typo with Stanley Sellers asked to postpone the drawing fundraiser by one day, as well as the drawing is scheduled to take place at the Pizza Bar.  The motion made by Ed Randolph and 2nd by Amaryllis.  The Valentines fundraiser gift voucher was given to Linda Boyd,  the $300.00 cash voucher will be presented to Linda Boyd at a later date. 

Ed ask the group to take a few minutes to read the visions and goals of the president.  Ed shared his vision as well as VP, Greater good for Shaw University thru Greater Atlanta Alumni. 

Treasurer Report was given by Theresa Cartwright.  The beginning balance $2,628.87, Dues and Raffle tickets total 1,129.00 minus .88 cents leaving a grand total of $3756.99.  Theresa stated that she has not received funds from Cash App from Eric.  Ed stated we will have this resolved by next month’s meeting.  Theresa estimated $700.00 is sitting in Cash App.  Gale made a recommendation that Brenda report fundraiser monies and not Theresa.  Gale recommend that Theresa list the fundraiser as a line item within the Treasurers report.  Amaryllis made a motion to the addition of a line item to the Treasurer’s report and Paul 2nd   with necessary corrections. 

Bi-Laws report given by Gale, the committee will bring forth a report for April meeting.

Membership committee reported by Gale Thomas, Gale reported the price of local membership dues $35.00 and National dues $50.00.  Gale stated that only 6 students sent there address to receive gift cards.  Gift cards were sent to 4 students on campus, address of the Shaw University mailroom and 2 cards sent to 2 students living off-campus.

Policy and Procedures committee reported by Ed Randolph, Initial draft will be available by next meeting.

Technology Report given by Paul.  Paul stated the we currently have 2 web sites which is available, and which is current.  Wix cost $175.00 and is over in April.  Paul will research coupons and discounts for Dream host.

Pastor Joe, and few others Alum’s took Mrs. Bellamy out for lunch.  Gale recommended we do a legend to recognize our senior finical Alumni members

Ed suggest we table the summary report from Pastor Joe until next meeting.

Ed talked about the upcoming Shaw Day held at his Church on April 28th at 10:45.  We will have a meet and greet on Saturday TBA, Hospitality committee is asking to be present and onboard.  A special envelope was suggested by Gale, also Gale open her home to out -of -towners for Shaw Day. 

Closing Prayer was given by Paulette Collier-Harris, Meeting adjourn 12:00 p.m.

Physically present were: Ed Randolph, Theresa Cartwright, Brenda Davenport, Linda Boyd, Gale D. Thomas, Amaryllis Grogan, Jeff Lloyd, Debbie London, May Benitez and Paul Benitez. Present via conference call were Marilyn Roach, Patricia Lewis and Debbie London.

Meeting was called to order by VP Ed Randolph. Inspiration was given by Linda Boyd and prayer was given by Ed Randolph.

Minutes for March meeting were read by Theresa Cartwright. Motion made by L. Boyd to accept minutes. Minutes accepted.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Theresa Cartwright. Beginning balance for April 1, 2019 was $3756.99. After Fundraising funds of $3287.00 were separated out, there is an operating balance of $1094.99. Theresa stated that all reports will end the third Friday of every month. All financial requests must be given to Theresa by first Friday after monthly meetings. Motion made by Paul Benitez to accept report. Motion carried.

Linda Boyd made a request for the $300 voucher to give to the fundraising raffle winner. That voucher will be provided to her at a later date. Additional discussion was held about the fundraiser and the procedures for announcing the winner. It was agreed that the Fundraising Committee will develop procedures for fundraising processes.

Agenda was revised so that the Constitution and By-Laws review could be handled with extended time.

Hospitality report was given by Patricia Lewis. Linda Boyd reported that she had reached out to Linda Jenkins. Patricia reviewed the activities as listed on herwritten report.

Technology report was given by Paul Benitez. The website is closed. New website ( is being created with hosting site, Dreamhost. Proposed new features include Members page, e-payments, and calendar.

Membership roster was passed around and Gale asked for any missing information to be added. After some discussion about reclamation and recruiting of alumni to join chapter, it was agreed that requests will be made of Eric to get access to the database of inactive alumni that can be made available to committees.

Gale reviewed the proposed Constitution and By-Laws with the membership.

Discussion was held on the document and the committee agreed to meet to discuss an issue under Membership as it relates to Associate membership. Any changes will be emailed out to the members prior to next month’s vote.

Theresa stated that she understood that all meetings should start at 10 AM and she is requesting that meetings end no later than 1 PM. Discussion was held regarding actual start time of the meeting as voted on in the December meeting.

It was agreed that this would be researched via minutes.

Ed reminded everyone that Shaw Day at his church, Union Missionary Baptist Church, is April 28, 2019. He asked if the s=chapter wanted a sit-down meal or a reception. After disclosing that the chapter did not fund the last year’s meal, he wanted to know if the chapter would fund this year’s. It was agreed that the chapter’s budget would not support a sit-down meal, but a reception could be handled.

Discussion was held as to how the money raised at this particular Shaw Day will be earmarked and the answer was that the money would be designated for scholarship fund. Debbie London had questions regarding use of scholarship funds and after the discussion about some of the questions, and she was asked by Ed to present her ideas regarding the Scholarship Committee at the next executive board meeting. A motion was made by Gale to funds from Union’s Shaw Day 2018 and Shaw Day 2019 and to award funds to the students in the Fall of 2019, with the exception of funds that may be needed to help a senior graduate in 2019. Motion carried.

Reminder was given to May B. for April refreshments.

Ed led the group in a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 12:35 PM.

Minutes taken by Gale D. Thomas