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Annual reports are published in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.  2019-2020 Treasurer Reports and Annual Reports are available to Financial members in good standing by request in writing to  Provided within 30 days from request. 


Monthly chapter meetings are recorded, transcribed and entered into the permanent chapter archive. Transcribed minutes are available upon written request. Financial members in good standing of the Greater Atlanta Chapter may  request a copy of the minutes or agenda in writing by letter  or email to Provided within 30 days from request. 


The constitution establishes the guiding principles and precedents by which the local chapter shall be governed. The Greater Atlanta Chapter maintains a local constitution in accordance with the national constitution.  


The policy and procedures manual serves as the procedural guide for implementing all tasks and functions of the chapter as authorized by the chapter constitution and bylaws. 

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Atlanta Alumni Chapter Monthly Meeting Agenda

Atlanta Alumni Chapter Meeting Notes
Saturday February 4 at East Point Library


  • Where will the next location be held?
  • Linda secured East Point Library for next month’s meeting
  • Balance future meetings (East Point and Lithonia areas)
  • Would like to see options for different locations or venues
  • Send information to Executive Board (Eric) for distribution
  • Eric suggested to use Group Me (
  • Would like to have face-to-face meeting with Zoom capabilities (not sure if libraries have that technology)

Shaw Week-end

  • Friday - April 28 to Sunday - April 30 o Friday – Chapter will be responsible for venue, food, social gatherings, etc. o Saturday – Pastor Ed will be responsible to coordinate Prayer Breakfast o Sunday – Pastor Ed church - UMBC
  • Suggestion to have Saturday event to include meeting at a park (cook-out) or jazz club venue. This will give out-of-town guests the ability to meet with other alumni members
  • Giving money to Shaw U must be discussed to ensure of the money goes to the endowment, chapter operations, or other options. Last year, the Leader Board of the university did not designate where the fund will be allocated.
  • Funds to the university or chapter are tax deductible
  • Time to engage committee members to coordinate this event as soon as possible. Possible members are Linda, Eintou, Pat, and Paul (website).

President Club

  • Club was developed by Eric to meet over-all chapter’s donation goal
  • Eric explained the $20K goal o Platinum ($1K with 11 commitments thus far) o Premier ($500 with 4 commitments thus far) o Executive ($250 with 1 commitment thus far) o Sponsorships (Individual or organization) o In-Kind Donations o Grant funds
  • Commitments will be paid prior to 9/15/2023
  • Endowments - $27K now but want to have $23K to meet the $50K goal
  • Benefits to participants are tax-write off, certificate, medallion pin, plaque, and advertisement on our website

Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

  • Goal is not trending as expected
  • Drawing will be next Saturday, 2/11/23 @ 1pm
  • Tickets are for anyone who wants to donate
  • Eric will post the drawing via Facebook

HBCU College Fair

  • Norcross will be virtual the weekend of 2/11
  • Tri-Cities High School on 2/25/23. Volunteers are Linda Boyd and Cheryl Miller.

HBCU Alumni Alliance 5K Run/Walk

  • Is it worth it? Does it benefit our chapter?
  • Shaw University was not mentioned during their conference call after referencing SNCC
  • Early bird registration is too late
  • Registration fee will cost more money
  • Walk is on June 24

CIAA Tournament

  • Baltimore MD
  • Marriott Waterfront is the host hotel

President Report

  • Discussions on the rezoning issues for Shaw University location
  • Local chapters are not being told about business development plans
  • Not hearing financial solutions
  • Having a hotel on campus similar to other HBCU campus
  • Having a 40-story high rise on campus

Treasurer Report

  • Theresa discussed last month numbers

Next meeting 

  • 3/4/2023

Executive Committee Retreat Summary

Executive Committee Retreat Summary

In attendance: Eric McLean (President), Edward Randolph (Vice President), Linda Jenkins (Secretary), Theresa Cartwright (Treasurer), Linda Boyd (Chaplain), Jimmy Thomas (Parliamentarian), Patricia Lewis (Hospitality), Brenda Davenport (Fundraising), Paul Benitez (Technology), May Benitez (Historian)

Absent: Gale Thomas (Membership), Jasmine Latson (Social Media), Jennifer Wooden (Young Alumni), Marv Cox (Recruitment)

Summary Overview:
Vision/Mission Review:

Vision updates

  • It was recommended and agreed to revise Chapter’s vision to establish measurable goals and milestone with a specific timeframe

Mission updates

  • No updates

Executive Board Review:

Executive Meetings (Monthly)

  1. Each Executive Committee member in attendance agreed to make a committed effort to be an active participant during the monthly Executive Committee Conference calls.

  2. Each Executive Committee member will also commit to submitting an electronic report for this meeting to discuss pending activities/action items or to report out “No Activity to Discuss”. This is to ensure that our monthly chapter meetings are productive, that we stay on task with the AGENDA, show a display Executive Committee unity and to reinforce our Policy & Procedure guidelines in conducting chapter business. Executive Committee meets the Monday before the first Saturday of the chapter’s monthly scheduled meeting.

  3. A recommendation was discussed to limit the number of committees an elected officer and committee chairperson can chair and serve. It was suggested to submit this request to the Policy & Procedures and Constitution & Bylaws committees for review.

  4. It was recommended for the Policy & Procedures Committee to develop operating guidelines for the Executive Committee’s overall functionality in conjunction with the established Constitution & Bylaws.

  5. A recommendation was made to place the Financial Secretary appointment on hold pending review by the Constitution & Bylaws committee. They are charged with establishing the role, duties, as well as responsibilities of this position. At such time the committee will submit their proposal to the Executive Committee and Chapter for review and a final vote.

  6. A recommendation was made to place the ad-hoc “Recruitment Committee” on hold pending review by the Constitution & By-Laws committee. They are charged with determining the framework in which this committee will operate as well as establishing its function, description, role, responsibilities and policy & procedures.

    Chapter Meetings (Monthly)

a. It was recommended and agreed that the Executive Committee will assist in following the AGENDA during the chapter meeting.

b. It was suggested that the Executive Committee members (elected/appointed officers & chairpersons) will not report out if he/she did not attend the scheduled Executive Committee meeting and/or the information was not submitted for review and discussion during the Executive Committee meeting.

c. It was suggested that Executive Committee members appear unified and to avoid challenging committee reports with conversations that require extensive time on one subject that was already discussed at EB meeting.

Committee Review:
Committee updates:

  1. Finance/Treasurer i. It was suggested to send out previous written email for membership renewal
  2. Secretary
  3. Chaplain
  4. Parliamentarian/Constitution & Bylaws: Presented voted name change of the Chapter to Greater Atlanta Alumni Chapter of Shaw University
  5. Vice-President/Policy & Procedures
  6. Website 
    i. It was suggested to create a Chapter Facebook page. Current social media platforms consist of Instagram, Twitter, GroupMe, Messenger, Tumblr and Periscope
    ii. Paypal is currently working
    iii. It was suggested to keep the website updated with current happenings of the Chapter
    iv. It was recommend to
  7. Fundraiser
    i. Lunch/Brunch is being considered for Chapter’s fundraiser with a projected month of September. More information to follow.
    ii. President challenge to donated $10,000 to Shaw University at Homecoming was discussed. Currently, 4 members have accepted the Challenges. h.
  8. Historian
    i. Asking for assistance in gathering historical information/items pertaining to the Chapter.
    ii. It was suggested to connect with seniors, long term members of the Chapter.
  9. Hospitality: Shaw Weekend will be April 17-19, 2020.More information to follow.
  10. Scholarship
  11. Membership


  • Joseph Jackson is being honored with a Pastoral Anniversary and Appreciation Weekend February 1-2, 2020. For more detail, please contact

  • Linda Boyd Linda Boyd, Energy Practitioner, has a Grand Opening for her upcoming business on March 22, 2020. For more details, please contact Linda Boyd.

  • Brenda Davenport thanked the Chapter for their thoughts and prayers and continued asked for prayers as she continue to face her health challenges.


The Mission of the Greater Alumni Atlanta Chapter is to promote fellowship among local alumni, fundraise and assist in recruitment and retention of students for the advancement of Shaw University.

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