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Payment portal for local/national dues, registration/event fees, and general donations


Please use Zelle below to pay local/national dues, registration/event fees, or general donations. If using via PayPal, please send it to the Greater Atlanta Alumni Chapter.

  • Registration Fee ($20.00 + 1.23 PayPal processing fee) to the RoundUp 2023 event = $21.23
  • Local Chapter Dues ($35.00 + 1.35 PayPal processing fee) = $36.35
  • National Chapter Dues ($50.00 + 1.80 PayPal processing fee) = $51.80
  • Local and National Dues ($85.00 + 2.85 PayPal processing fee) = $87.85
  • General Donations 

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The Mission of the Greater Alumni Atlanta Chapter is to promote fellowship among local alumni, fundraise and assist in recruitment and retention of students for the advancement of Shaw University.

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