Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs

Eric McLean
Eric McLeanPresidentPresident@shawuatl.org
The President serves as chairperson of the Executive Committee, appoint the chair and members of all committees. The President acts for The Chapter, in collaboration with Executive Officers, authenticate by signature all proceedings and correspondence representing The Chapter in an official capacity.
Ed Randolph
Ed Randolph Vice PresidentVicePresident@shawuatl.org
The duty of the Executive Vice President is to preside in the absence of the President. The Vice President is an ex-officio member of all standing sub-committees. He is also responsible for the preparation, development, and presenting standard operating policies and procedures of the chapter’s operation and function.
Theresa Cartwright
Theresa CartwrightTreasurer
The Treasurer submit reports at each Executive Committee meeting, maintain written records of all funds-income and disbursements, and reconcile bank statements and financial records.
Linda Boyd
Linda BoydChaplain
The duty of the Chaplain is to be in charge of the openings and closing of Membership Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings and whenever appropriate on behalf of The Chapter.
OpenRecording Secretary
The Recording Secretary will keep a record of all meetings of The Chapter and the Executive Committee, to prepare and maintain the attendance roster of the Executive Committee and president and record and maintain all minutes.
The duty of the Parliamentarian to advise the President, other officers, committees, and members on matters of parliamentary procedure as appropriate and to assist the President in maintaining order at all times. The Parliamentarian shall serve as chairperson of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee and perform other duties as the office may require.
President / Eric Mclean / President@shawuatl.org

Vice President / Ed Randolph / VicePresident@shawuatl.org 

Treasurer / Theresa Catrwright / Treasurer@shawuatl.org 

Recording Secretary / Linda Jenkins / RecordingSecretary@shawuatl.org

Corresponding Secretary / Gale Thomas / CorrespondingSecretay@shawuatl.org

Chaplain / Linda Boyd / Chaplain@shawuatl.org

Parliamentarian / Jimmy Thomas / Parliamentarian@shawuatl.org 

Historian / Eric Mclean & May Benitez / Historian@shawuatl.org
Budget-Finance / Theresa Cartwright / Treasurer@shawuatl.org 

Community Affairs & Outreach / TBA / CommunityAffairs@shawuatl.org

Fundraising / Brenda Davenport / Fundraising@shawuatl.org 

Historian / Eric Mclean & May Benitez / Historian@shawuatl.org 

Hospitality / Pat Lewis / Hospitalty@shawuatl.org 

Membership / Gale Thomas / Membership@shawuatl.org 

Publicity / TBA / Publicity@shawuatl.org

Scholarship / TBA / Scholarship@shawuatl.org  

Technology / Paul Benitez / Technology@shawuatl.org

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The Mission of the Greater Alumni Atlanta Chapter is to promote fellowship among local alumni, fundraise and assist in recruitment and retention of students for the advancement of Shaw University.

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