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Please Vote!


Dear Fellow Shaw University Alums!

I hope this message finds you well. I am thrilled to declare that The Home Depot Retool Your School initiative is back for 2024, and we need your support to secure vital funding for Shaw University.

Our goal: Help us reach 30,000 votes by midnight tonight!

This incredible opportunity allows us to come together as a community and demonstrate our unwavering support for our beloved HBCU. By participating in this voting campaign, we have an opportunity to bring in $150,000 in funding that will directly benefit our campus, enhance student experiences and contribute to our mission of excellence.

You Can Help

  • Use and share this link: Vote for Shaw University | Retool Your School
  • Vote for Shaw University daily until March 24.
  • Vote for Shaw University daily as many times as you’d like — it’s unlimited!
  • Encourage family, friends, alumni and other supporters to vote and further spread the word.

Your Vote Matters

Every vote is a crucial step toward achieving our goal. Your daily participation will make a significant impact on the campaign's success. The more votes accumulated, the closer we are to securing funding that will make for more positive changes on our campus.

Let's unite as a community and show the world the strength and passion of Shaw University. Together, we can make a difference!

Thank you for your support and dedication to the HBCU we love so much.

Let’s go, Shaw Bears!

Dr. Anthonette W. Cochran ’00
Director of Alumni Relations



The Mission of the Greater Alumni Atlanta Chapter is to promote fellowship among local alumni, fundraise and assist in recruitment and retention of students for the advancement of Shaw University.

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